Timecode.AI knowledge computation is powered by Narrative Graph database.

Our Mission

We aim to build a knowledge engine that computationally provides answers to human questions. The first step to this mission is Narrative Graph, a timecode-based data infrastructure, which resolves the pains of information seekers.

Narrative Graph is ...

A Graph Database: it collects scattered bits and then turns them into comprehensive, machine-readable data structures.

Automation: it automatically generates billions of interactive infographics from live data.

Discovery: it is self-serve-able and keeps information, knowledge, and media easy to find.

A Community: it helps users continue to share ideas and makes everyone a knowledge-sharing rockstar.


Storytelling as a Service: Discover Music and the Stories behind.


Two data scientists in Silicon Valley who worked together at Nokia Research and Microsoft Bing. The founders have been friends for 25+ years.

Ji-Dong Yim, founder & CEO

Data Science, Software Architecture, HCI, Design
Microsoft Bing, Nokia Research
Simon Fraser University (PhD), KAIST (BS/MS)
Robot/AI User Interface

Baik Hoh, Co-founder

Data Science, Privacy, Data Mining
Microsoft Bing, Nokia Research
Rutgers University (PhD), KAIST (BS/MS)
Bing Maps Data Scraping and Mining